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You can’t buy happiness but you can buy pastries and that’s kind of the same thing. If there’s one business that keeps on rising through the years, it’s food, and with it comes lots of dessert. Some time ago, a woman who fell deeply in love with the pastry world took a leap of faith and transformed her career into a sweet heaven. Meet Stella Lowis, the talented woman with golden hands behind La Maison Patisserie. We fit into her busy schedule to read the start of La Maison’s journey into culinary stardom.

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“Pastry world, in a way, punctuates the stories of our lives. They become reference points for special moments, we cherish those memories, and those treats become a part of it. To this day, desserts always have a way to brighten everyone’s life.”

La Maison is very famous with their macarons that is undeniably delicious. Stella herself admits that Macarons is a very complicated confection to make. For a small tidbit, she needs to maintain “a very complex balance between the texture and the flavor; a smooth top, ruffled circumference, a flat base, mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth are the goals that she aims for”.

Stella can’t deny that her job demands a lot of her time. “What people see is the end game, which is the pretty pastries displayed on the showcase. But behind all that, are a lot of sleepless nights, endless trial and errors, experiments after experiments to create something unique and different. From the pastry itself to the catchy packaging and every small details that’s entailed, needs her dedication and full attention. That’s why [she is] very grateful for every single trust that the customers put on [her].”

We agree that the situation in the kitchen can be difficult. However, instead of focusing on the problem, Stella chooses to think positively. Her advice: “First and foremost, you have to be passionate about what you do, and that, will help you a lot to thrive in the hectic kitchen life. You have to be driven enough to stand the pressure, confident enough to break through social perception of male gender chef, and flexibility & responsiveness are very much needed for a solid teamwork which is the key for working in the kitchen.”

“To never settle and keep on learning. Stay humble, for everyone you meet knows something you don’t.”

Being a chef has its own proud moment. For Stella, being a chef means “having a chance to bring her creation to life, to keep working on innovative pastries that will last impressions. And when many enjoy her desserts and happiness radiates from her beloved customers, that is her priceless reward”.

In the future Stella wishes for the La Maison family to keep growing, with branches all over Indonesia. “Doing a lot of cool collaborations with hopefully, the legends of the pastry industry and keep on improving to fully deserve the loyalty that is put upon me and to serve only the best for La Maison’s beloved customers”.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people ☘

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Interviewed and written by Cesya Vanesa Saptari.
This article has been edited for length and clarity.

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