What's Happening This October

We’re a teeny, weeny bit late to the party, but we’ve got the deets on what’s going down this October. Follow our guide for some cozy retreats happening in Jakarta.

3-24 October 2015: Bienal Sastra Salihara at Pasar Minggu

For the artists, poets, and literature enthusiasts: you’re in for a treat because this 3-week long event focuses on the arts, and literary arts of Indonesia. They have different themes going on throughout the 3 weeks, so be sure to check out their website for the complete list.

6-18 October 2015: Sound of Music at Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre

The hills are alive with the sound of music. We’re super excited to see the Von Trapp family gracing their presence in Jakarta and they will be here for a measly 3 weeks. So watch them perform their magic while you can cause this chance won’t come around twice.

9-10 October 2015: Les Filler D’Abord at Koi Kemang.

Between our careers and personal life, a lot of time is spent on focusing on everything but ourselves. Koi Kemang has a solution for that and they’ve created this event, which means “Ladies First” in French, to let women take time out and pamper themselves with shopping, manicures, yoga classes, and plenty more!

9-11 October 2015: Bride’s Day Out at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Brides, get ready! This highly anticipated event is coming to fulfill your every need. From wedding gowns to financial advice, Bride’s Day Out is your one-stop destination for all your wedding needs.

12 October 2015: Secret {W} Business Jakarta 2015 at Concalve

It’s the era of female empowerment and the Secret {W} Business Seminar is here to help you get a step ahead in marketing your business. Their methods are tried and tested, so give this seminar a go if you’re looking to improve your business.

24-30 October 2015: Jakarta Fashion Week at Senayan City

The event of the year is back at Senayan City to bring you the latest designs from the fashion world. With so many veteran, and up-and-coming designers, including our own vendors, Ingrid Husodo and Atelier Marufe, adorning the show, you don’t want to miss this one out.

25 October 2015: Mandiri Jakarta Marathon

What better way to get fit than doing it with your friends? Marathons are a great way of doing so, and the Mandiri Jakarta Marathon doesn’t just get you running; they’re offering discounts and special promotions with their affiliates. Check out their website for more information:

25 October 2015: Sunday Farmer’s Market at Pacific Place

We personally love the idea of shopping at a wet market, without the mess and dirt, of course. So we’re thrilled to know that a farmer’s market is happening right at the heart of Pacific Place. They will be selling fresh produce, artisanal goods, and Halloween themed events.

We’ll be attending some of these events ourselves, so do say hi if you see us! What are you up to this October?

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