Behind the Collection: Absolute Romance | EMILY JAURY x LOVE & FLAIR

Behind the Collection: Absolute Romance | EMILY JAURY x LOVE & FLAIR

Since its launch in 2017, Love & Flair has continuously pushed boundaries in Indonesia's fashion industry and continually provided its customers with the highest quality of apparel at an overwhelmingly fair price. Thus, has deservedly earned its title of being the country's favourite retailer for fashion and lifestyle.

Inspired by its own Co-Founder as the muse, Emily Jaury; the Emily Jaury x Love & Flair collaboration features voluminous, effortless, and chic statement pieces with a feminine edge, comprising of a collection that is light, bright, and a breath of fresh air. 

1. CIRCE TOP - fresh, bold, and comes in two gorgeous colours!

2. SIREN DRESS - romantic, flowy dress that is sure to turn heads at any occasion.

3. KALINI DRESS - a dress which can be accommodated to suit every event at your destination wedding.

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According to Indonesia's favourite retailer for fashion and lifestyle, there are simply no words to describe the feeling of seeing the designs come to life and holding the samples for the first time. They say, this part of the design process is so rewarding and something that will never get old!

Given the unprecedented threats COVID-19 has posed on all of us, when asked what the ultimate 2021 wedding would look like, Love & Flair said a quick jet set wedding that's small, intimate and filled with loved ones on a beach, garden, or castle would be most ideal.

The bride would be dressed stylishly and sophisticatedly, but still exude an element of fun - a look you can get from their newest collection with Emily!

In Love & Flair's mind, this makes for the dream wedding scenario that will be special and memorable not only for the bride and groom, but for everyone involved as well.

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