Behind the Collection: In Full Bloom | PAMELA WIRJADINATA x LUNE HOME

Behind the Collection: In Full Bloom | PAMELA WIRJADINATA x LUNE HOME

"Behind the collection" takes you to a closer look of our recent collaboration; the vision, the inspiration, the story. The segment puts our renowned designers on the spotlight and pay homage to some of the highlight-worthy numbers. With "Behind the Collection", we aspire to bring a new idea for the public eye to look into each piece within the collection in the multitude of ways they are initially being presented; through the lens of their creator(s).

On this "Behind the Collection", we're taking on the In Full Bloom collection: Pamela Wirjadinata x Love and Flair. The head-to-toe collection marries together featured 8 most-renowned local Indonesian brands with business owner and influencer Pamela Wirjadinata serving as the muse and source inspiration. This time, the floor is gifted to Lune Home; a local clothing line that is characterized by its soft-tender designs on mostly dresses - dedicated to make your home a haven. Here's the short and sweet Q&A sesh:

How would you describe Pamela and how did her personal style impact the designs we see in this collection?

We would describe Pamela as one elegant independent lady, our woman crush since the beginning of her journey. We saw that she’s very intelligent, smart, and has such a good taste in fashion. Her graceful style brings us to develop such lovely pieces infused with sweet floral prints of peachy colors.

The color palette in this collection is stunning! What inspired it?

The color that inspires us is a touch of rosewood derived from Pam’s favorite pink color as well as the white representing the purity of a phalaenopsis.

Your pieces in this collection are all super cohesive and the craftsmanship looks insane! What was the creative process like and how was your experience working with Pamela for her first collaboration ever?

Pam helps us a lot during the designing process as she knows what she likes and what the market would love. She gives complete information of what she wants and doesn’t. She provides us with moodboards resulting in better communication during the design process. Our creative processes include prints and embroideries derived from Pam’s favorite color and flowers. We made the prints as well as the embroideries consisting of peonies and phalaenopsis.

What do you hope people will feel when wearing pieces from this collection?

I hope that people will feel the minimal yet elegant touch of every Lune Home piece that we made. A piece that can be versatilely worn; is comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

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