10 Best Summer Essentials Every Girl Needs

10 Best Summer Essentials Every Girl Needs

Blue skies, sunshine, everything's fine. Are you all booked for vacation this summer? Not so fast. Make sure you're dipping your toes in the water, bringing everything you need - because nothing ruins a beach day like forgetting a sunscreen. From getting a healthy-tan glow to capturing incredible sunset pictures; below listed items will make your beach day carefree, just like any vacation should be. The only summer guide you need.


1. Large tote

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Canvas tote bags are great for relaxing beach days. Whether it's the graphic or a printed one; we actually preferred something that has a large capacity with lots of different compartments to keep things organized. A point plus if the tote has a zippered mini pocket for you to store your wallets and keys in so that they'll stay out of the water.


2. SPF

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We can't stress enough how important it is to bring your sunscreen along with you when you're heading to the beach. There's a variety of local brands in the market right now; they're affordable and has an amazing protection too! You can always choose between the chemical and physical ones, cream or spray; however, we recommend that you get the SPF 50. Getting painful sunburns is definitely a no-no. Apply and re-apply, better make this a part of your daily routine.


3. Tanning oil


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Going hand in hand with the SPF, tanning oil is a must for the widely-sought sun-kissed skin. The best formula out there is the ones that contain antioxidant like Vitamin A, C, E and infused with natural ingredients. You would want to get the perfect-bronzy tan while keeping your skin soft and luminous.


4. Cover up

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If you already have the cutest colorful swimsuit, there's one more thing to put on your radar: a flowy cover up. The right cover up will not only keep you modest enough, but also make you feel stylish after the sun goes down. Layer a satin scarf for skirt, a robe-like dress, or a full-blown kaftan - and be ready to hit the bar in seconds.


5. Hair ties/ scrunchies 

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With the sun beaming the whole day, chances are it's gonna get hot. Like, SUPER hot. If you wanna be a little extra: use the thick, durable, or water-resistant scrunchies. Regardless, simple hair ties would do just fine too. Just remember to bring multiple of colorful ones - not just a single one, because most likely they will get lost in the sand with all the fun you're having.

6. Shades

Source: Free People

The best pair of shades boosts styles that transcend the beach alone. There are so many of 'em; different frame shapes, lenses, colors. Whatever style you choose, it's good to invest in something durable and long-lasting; something that can be your go-to for all occasions.

7. Good book


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Reading a good book is a great way to pass the time while you're waiting for your skin to turn golden. Some people also enjoy the quiet time of journaling or sketching, so feel free to also bring your stationary supplies with you. There's something so peaceful about reading on a white-sandy beach with the sound of steady waves in the background.

8. Water bottle

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You gotta stay hydrated at all times. Nobody wants to arrive at the beach looking for a store that sells overpriced bottles of mineral water. Bringing your all-time favorite water bottle will totally worth the money. Pick a leak proof-insulated ones to keep your water ice cold the whole day.


9. Hat

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Don't underestimate the importance of a sun hat. From floppy hat to sun visors and everything in between; the very best beach hats are flexible and versatile. Not only that it will go real cute with your summer OOTD; it will also further minimize sun exposure and prevent the aging of the skin. 

10. Camera

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3...2...1 Cheese! Capture moments on the beach with better lenses; a travel camera that is easy to use, compact, and lightweight. If you wanna be practical, opt for disposable cameras. They are amateur-friendly, reasonably-priced, hustle-free; and most important of all, take trendy photos that you can bring home and look back to.

During summer, less is more. The key is to pack right and pack smart. Come on now, get your toes in the sand. With these items in hand, lift up your beach day to a whole new level. Fun times ahead. 

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