7 Exquisite Wedding Destinations in the World

7 Exquisite Wedding Destinations in the World

Congrats! You've made it through the awkward first date, meeting the parents, and the nerve-wracking proposal. Now it's time to prepare the big day. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times, especially choosing the venue. If you love the idea of an adventurous one-of-a-kind reception and it so happens that you also have an extra budget to spare, we suggest a destination wedding to make everything super aesthetic and memorable.  

We have sorted 7 of the most beautiful - picturesque destinations in the world, courtesy to The Trend Spotter - and yup, this list also works for honeymoon and other romantic trips too in case you're wondering!


1. Santorini 

Recommended venue: Venetsanos Winery (Vangelis Photography)

Being an undeniable showstopper, Santorini is the queen of all Greek island wedding destinations. It is the epitome of romance with spectacular cliffs that soar above the sea and the view of mesmerizing sunsets. 


2. Fiji

Recommended venue: The Fiji Orchid (Bula Bride)
Not only for weddings, but Fiji is known to be a famous honeymoon spot. With its photogenic patch paradise that is beautiful and balmy all year round, couples can enjoy the perfect intimate resort wedding. 

3. Tuscany

Recommended venue: Castello di Vincigliata (Photographer Tuscany)

Tuscany lies in the heart of the beautiful Italy. Tuscany's capital Florence is most famous for its art and architecture. With various vineyard, churches, and castles; Tuscany is indeed an ideal wedding destination for many.


4. Marrakech

Recommended venue: Dar Dharma Riad (Fotomagoria)

As a treasure trove of Islamic architecture; Marrakech the imperial city of Morocco is one of our dream location of destination wedding. It is very much known for the rich culture and wide landscapes, such as Atlas Mountain and gorgeous deserts.


5. Paris


Recommended venue: Seine River Cruise (Pierre Torset)

In this France's capital city, love is always in the air. It must have been every couple's dream to profess their love in the city that is wealth is art, fashion, and many more. We'll have to agree that the Eiffel Tower does make an amazing wedding backdrop, both day and night.


6. Spain

Recommended venue: Cigarral de las Mercedes (Wedinspire)

Clear skies, abundance sunshines, and idyllic nuances are few of many things that makes Spain so special. Gaze out of the stunning seafront, drown in wondrous nature, and be delighted with the charming Medieval backdrops.

7. Sicily 

Recommended venue: Teatro Andromeda (Lukas Piatek)

For the ultimate Mediterranean wedding, pick Sicily; one of the most breathtaking island in the world with endless sunshine and heavenly beaches. Other than that, Sicily has the most romantic countrysides and valley, as well as a unique open-air theater that is contemporarily chic.


Picture perfect; from a sprawling family-friendly gem to a romantic secluded oasis. Now we know that everything on this list seems way too extravagant, but who knows? Maybe you'll find yourself here someday with the love of your life or probably inspired to recreate these visuals for less, plenty other locations to explore!

After all, any place is a joyous paradise surrounded by loved ones. Always remember to enjoy every moment of the celebration whenever you are and surely you'll discover a home away from home. All the best for your special day from all of us at Love and Flair!

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