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In the beginning, and at the end, there is only one person behind the social influencer we see today; Olivia Lazuardy herself. The woman who readily put herself out there for all to see, in hopes to share her passion for fashion with the world. It only made sense that we focused on the one thing that matters most, Olivia herself. We’ve talked about her style, her career, and her love life but we have yet to focus on the person behind all the glitz and glamor. So to wrap up this month-long journey with the fashion influencer, we’re turning back to her.

The more we get to know this style icon, the more impressed we are with her attitude towards life and people in general. She is filled with such compassion and integrity that is becoming a rare trait in this cut-throat industry. She believes that people should love one another more and stop feeling envious of each other. There is a lot of negativity in people’s hearts that she thinks people could do without.

“We should practice more love without distinguishing race, background, career, social status, and such”.

On the hardest moment in her life, Olivia rewinds time and goes back to university for a trip down memory lane. “This is a bit embarrassing, but I failed my first thesis during university”. You could say it was the lowest point in her life. It made her realize that not all hard work will lead to good results. As my teacher once said, “Don’t study hard, but study smart”. Through the difficult ordeal, the fashion icon has learned to stay strong and motivated in all the things she does, and to never give up and lose hope.

“And of course to be smarter and not repeat the same mistakes. I still apply these [virtues] in what I do today”.

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If there was anything she does regret in her life, it would be not starting her blogging venture sooner. If she had started earlier on, she could have been part of the pioneer generation of blogging and would have been a household name (although even without starting earlier, she’s already a regular face in the industry). “But I never regret anything in my life. There is no point in regretting things you cannot change when the future that you control is infront of you”.

And we agree. Olivia is enjoying a flourishing career and is probably having the time of her life right now. Remember when earlier on in the month, we mentioned she’s been working with fashion powerhouses like Aigner and Louis Vuitton? Now she can add Bvlgari to the list of her top collaborations.

She has also been travelling overseas and making rounds at international fashion weeks, such as Vietnam International Fashion Week where she met Kenzo Takada, and Digital Fashion Week at Singapore (which she shared all about on our Instagram during her take over). “The good and bad created who I am today!”Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.37.29 pmKrinou’s Milly Playsuit Romper [ Available HERE ]

Through all the adversities she has faced, Olivia remains true to herself and commits in always being humble. She believes that it is something so simple but often forgotten. “Always be humble, gentle, and patient”. It may sound simple, but these virtues are crucial to stay in the industry. No blogger wants to be associated with a bad attitude, and what brand would want to collaborate with a person if they’re known for being difficult to work with.

In 5 years, our girl crush wishes to expand her reach and influence, not just locally, but also globally. We’re sure she will be able to achieve this goal. She is, after all, one of the most sought after influencer these days. “And of course to travel more!”, she adds.

This month had been an extraordinary journey in getting to know this humble, and charming woman. We love her witty remarks and charming personality behind the scenes, and genuinely enjoyed her strong opinions on the importance of character and integrity.

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Olivia is launching her Ready-To-Wear collection soon, and now newly-engaged (Congratulations!), we’re sure we’ll see her again in the near future. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and absolutely can’t wait to work with her again!

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