One month left until the end of the year and we’re excited for so many things! The LOVE+FLAIR team gathered 11 things we’re super excited about this month. From getting ready for the holiday season, to new releases this month; it’s going to be a wholesome 30 days.

Rainy season:

Admit it, you’ve probably posted at least one post related to the weather on your social media this month. November is the beginning of the rainy season and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome cooler weathers and picturesque skies. Don’t forget to pack your umbrellas!

Lemon cleanse:

Christmas is coming and that means your beach body’s taking a hit. We’re gearing up for non-stop feasting and celebrations with a good-old detox. Elevate your stale water by infusing it with lemon slices. The added Vitamins will do wonders to heal your skin, improve your immune system, and keep you feeling energized throughout the day!

Get more recipes at: Blogilates Detox Water Recipes

Elevate App:

We recently stumbled upon this educational app that helps users improve their brain functions. They’ve got plenty of choices from improving your focus, brevity, memory, and plenty of other options. The app creates a tailored training regime based on your needs. This hectic month has left us feeling drained and disoriented, so we really appreciate how this app is gathering our focus and drawing us back on track.

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Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Cosmos is a 13 chapter book (parallel to 13 episodes on the TV series) that covers a broad range of topics on Sagan’s observations on cosmology, biology, astrology and anthropology matters during contemporary times. He explores 15 billion years of cosmic evolution and the development of science and civilization as he traces origins of knowledge while mixing science theories with philosophy.

This is for people who love science but knows little about it; Sagan popularizes science by making it easier to understand by adding philosophical value to scientific theories. It is filled with beautiful artwork and illustrations of imaginary distant realms. It concludes by urging us that we are part of the development of the universe and that we have the moral responsibility to continue this voyage on the exploration of this grand universe we live in as long as we can. This book is pure inspiration for people who wonder about the world we live in.

‘Spectre’ James Bond:

Can we just say, Major hottie alert? The newest James Bond Movie, Spectre, is now playing in cinemas! The much-anticipated movie got us squirming in our seats from the jam-packed action scenes and breath taking visuals. Okay, we confess. 99.9% of the reason why we’re so crazy about this movie is because of how hot Daniel Craig was in it. Really guys, watch the first 10 minutes of this movie and you’ll get why we’re so crazy about it.

Finding Dory:

James Bond isn’t the only movie getting us excited! Have you watched the trailer for Finding Dory? This movie tapped right into our childhood and will be out on June 2016. Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Finding Nemo was released? We’re feeling like a kid again from all the excitement.

Hotline Bling cover by Sam Smith:

Sam Smith, who you probably know from his hit songs “Lay Me Down” and “Stay With Me”, covered Drake’s popular song “Hotline Bling” last September and it just doesn’t get old. We love how this English soul singer made an unexpected move to cover an R&B song, even more so to find out that his vocal range fit the song so perfectly. It’s not wonder Sam was also appointed to sing the Bond theme song for Spectre, “Writing’s On The Wall”.

Prabal Wrap Outerwear:

With cooler weather comes thicker clothes, or in our case, an outerwear. We love this Khaki coat for its simple, chic silhouettes, and are totally in this Fall season. The coat broke our record for fastest selling item and is currently sold out on our website, but fear not, because we’ll be restocking them in 3 colors by end of November.

Kewpie Mentaiko Sauce:

This delicious Japanese sauce is not available in local supermarkets so you have to travel to Singapore to get a taste of this unique condiment (we’re blessed with a Singaporean co-founder). We love the creamy, salty taste that goes great with anything, especially udon. Please excuse us while we bring this sauce to Marugame Udon for a custom order.

Crème-filled Regal Cookies:

A new twist on one of our favorite childhood snacks! Regal is keeping us on our toes for a new flavor that’s in stores right now. We absolutely love the rich, creamy addition that comes with the mild, milky biscuits. We look forward to new flavors in the future! Be sure to try them when you can!


Christmas Shopping:

Only one month left until the holidays roll in so you better get started on gift shopping. What better time to splurge on your favorite items than this festive season? In our office, online shopping is considered market research so we’re considered doing our jobs right. Holiday shopping’s going to be a real hassle if you do it last minute, so take some time to sort what you plan on buying!

Here are just some things keeping us awake at night! What are you excited about this November?

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