5 Places To Visit After A Food Coma

Weekends are done and dusted and Monday has come again to remind us how horrible we binged ate over the past 2 days. A few years ago, healthy food choices were rare, or insanely overpriced, and there was never quite a place that provided decent nutritious food. Luckily, more restaurants and food spots have joined the healthy food revolution to provide us with wholesome choices. Read on for possible dinner locations!


Photo credit to anakjajan.com
  1. Snctry

This restaurant is the newest it-girl in town and has been drawing hordes of people in. Snctry has a beautifully designed interior and sells cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads, almond milk, tea, infused water, elixir shots, super bowls, and raw cakes. What we love most is that it’s one of the few healthy food spots with a proper, physical store, so you can drop by anytime and enjoy these delights fresh out of the kitchen. They’ve got a whole load of delicious choices for you to pick from, so be sure to try this new gem out.

Photo credit to travel.kompas.com
Photo credit to travel.kompas.com
  1. Warung Kebunku

Warung Kebunku is one of the few restaurants with a gardening concept and serve Indonesian food with real, wholesome harvests. You can pick fresh produce out of their garden and they will cook it for you. No gimmicks in this one.

Photo credit to Pura Vida's Instagram
Photo credit to Pura Vida’s Instagram
  1. Pura Vida

You’ve probably heard of this Instagram-based retailer. Pura Vida is the go-to destination for healthy treats. They sell packaged granola, overnight oats, almond milk, and various vegan desserts. Pura Vida is mostly on Instagram, but they have occasional pop-up booths and collaborations with bistros, so keep checking back if you want to visit a physical spot. Just looking at their pictures has got us drooling.

Photo credit to Yourganic's Instagram
Photo credit to Yourganic’s Instagram
  1. Yourganic

This adorable little shop has several pop-up booths scattered around Jakarta. They’re one of the masters of almond milk and has created several original flavors, such as sweet dates, matcha, Rockin’ Iced Coffee, and Excelicious. Recently, Yourganic has expanded into coconut water, granola, overnight oats, healthy treats, and almond butter. We always look forward to seeing these booths when shopping!

  1. Bellagio Organic Blood Type

As the name suggests, this restaurant serves food based on your blood type. For example, if you’re type A, you should eat vegetables, or if you’re a type O, you should avoid dairy products. Definitely a must-visit when you’re in the South area.

Bellagio Organic Blood Type Cuisine
Ground Floor Unit OG 13-14


(62-21) 3002 9770

Considering how much we ate over the weekend, we’ll definitely be giving these spots a visit. Did we include your favorite healthy food joint?

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