6 Lessons The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Taught Us

Let’s be honest for a minute. Out of all the fashion shows in a year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the one we look out for the most. Tons of beautiful girls with kickass bodies in the most spectacular outfits strut the runway and just have fun. It’s impossible not to love the show. Aside from all the glitz and glamor, here are 6 things we learned from the annual fashion show.

  1. They don’t starve themselves.

Just watch the video above. To be a Victoria Secret angel, you really have to manage what you put into your body. They don’t skip meals; they just eat right. Even during rehearsals, you can sometimes see them snacking on pizza, or burger and fries. You are what you eat and these angels are eating beautifully.


  1. The models are all about natural makeup

Bronzed, sun-kissed skin, beach waves, and au naturel makeup: these models barely pack on makeup before walking the runway. It’s mostly looking like their natural, beautiful selves and less of a constructed beauty.



  1. Everyone has a favorite angel, whether you want to admit it or not

We know how some people just love to hate these angels, but let’s just be honest with ourselves; there is at least one girl who walked the runway that made your heart skip a beat. For our office, it’s mainly a battle between South African bombshell Candice Swanepoel and Australian heartthrob Miranda Kerr.

  1. They’re all super toned.

In order to shoulder their wings, Victoria’s Secret angels train like crazy to get fit. Most of these models wear at least 1 pair of wings throughout the show and these wings can weigh up to 30kg! Victoria Secret Angels are never stick-thin; they’re all crazy toned and super fit. Don’t forget to check out #TrainLikeAnAngel on how to get supermodel bodies.


  1. Angels are picked based on how relatable they are

We once read an article written on how angels are picked. Once women feel threatened by the angels, Victoria’s Secret stops hiring them. According to Business Insider, this is why Kate Upton was never hired by the lingerie brand as she did too many nude pictorials and was constantly chosen as the Sexiest Woman Alive. Erin Heatherton was also let go from the brand because she was dating too many high-profile men like famous actor Leondardo diCaprio and NBA player Jordan Cameron.

You can read the article here (x)


  1. You’re actually glad you’re not them

Between waking up at 6AM just to work out and relying on juice to get through the day, we’re all secretly glad we’re not VS angels. Yes we admire how beautiful they are and we wish we were them, but you know what, we’ll take the donuts and Netflix. They can have the angel bodies.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on December 8 at CBS! Until then, we’ll be watching reruns of the older shows.

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