What Are The Best Ways To Kill Time During Traffic Jams?

Now, almost everyone (with or without a driver) can relate to this:


Jakarta traffic has zero chills.

Commuting in Jakarta is a blatant waste of time even for the most productive people. Time is something you cannot buy and it is the most valuable resource a productive person has. Traffic jams in the city of Jakarta robs us of an average of 14-30 hours of our time weekly. Speculatively, we spend at least a tenth of our lives in a car. These hours could be spent on doing the most productive of things such as; reading, writing, family time, staying fit, and so on and so forth. To worsen things, commuting during traffic can be quite strenuous for the mind and body (i.e. rude drivers, motorcyclists cutting lanes, or trucks coming too close), anyone who been through Friday night traffic can relate to those close-death incidents that potentially spiked our stress level.

If you think time is money here’s a few things you can do to increase your human capital while waiting through traffic:

  1. Audio Books / Educational Podcasts.


The internet is mankind’s greatest asset, so why not download a few free (yes, free!) audio books to expand your knowledge and spiritual horizon.

You can find a wide range of free audio books here:

2. Have a Good Playlist.

Don’t have one? We got you:

Sing in the car! No one is going to hear you anyways. And if you have someone with you, even better, you can do a duet. It not only lightens the mood but it makes time fly faster and it’s a good time to kick back.

3. Learn A New Language.


Download or pre-stream a few self-taught language audio tapes! A few years ago when I visited Singapore, I met a taxi driver who was a businessman by day, and taxi driver by night. He explained that he became a taxi driver so he could learn new languages over the stereo, while earning money by driving people around. I was amazed at this businessman’s mindset and how efficient he managed his time. Learning and earning? Say no more.

4. Chat up your Parents/Loved-Ones after a Long Day.


[Disclaimer] For those who are driving, use speaker phone or bluetooth. For those who has someone doing the driving, good for you. One thing I learn is that, technology (Facetime, Skype, Line Calling etc.) has made it so easy for us to keep in touch with people. It’s all about prioritizing. Sometimes we get so caught up by our career we fail to spend time with the people that were with us since the beginning. Catch up, unwind and reflect with them. We all need that group of people to keep us sane.

5. Mobile Wifi.


If you want good and uninterrupted reception throughout the above suggestions to kill time during traffic, Mobile Wifi is the way to go. It is notoriously convenient way to get multiple things done on-the-go.


What are some things you do to kill time during a traffic jam?


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