20 Times Cara & Kendall Charmed The World #CAKE

Supermodels Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, have quite a lot going on for them, but nothing beats when they come together. Cara and Kendall, also known as CAKE are bestfriends and their friendship is honestly intense that it physically hurts my heart.


I know, #GOALS AF

  1. Like if i were to put my tongue on my best friend’s forehead it would be totally wrong, but this is Cara and Kendall we’re talking about, my soul just couldn’t take itdb5b4e1efd62924ef2b42f20c8e0a7fd.jpg

2. When your best friend tells you ” they’ve got your back “, its nothing compare to Cara having Kendall’s back and i feel so lost but its okayKendall-Jenner-L-and-Model-of-the-Year-winner-Cara-Delevingne.jpg

3. Casually holding onto each other so they wouldn’t get lost when a sea of photographers filled the streets. You know, it’s just a normal day6d6c8f1c9587ace6148ecba98bdb968e.jpg

4. They basically can’t get enough of each otherc40b5949a0ed42a845727a8bfef3e81e.jpg

5. Like ever..89a9a50683bbf224b0caad0daffa2988.jpg

6. Because, CaKe576ddd0324483226de09aaf8d683160b.jpg

7. How adorable


8. When they performed this stare12106174_541459599341161_391678790_n.jpg

9. Like, ” You can’t sit with us “landscape-1444573801-gettyimages-492053906.jpg

10. When they wake up like this, 2DC9445400000578-0-image-a-14_1445830854412.jpg

11. And start their day like this,82148bb0-366a-4d4e-a64c-9b8d2222faa2-2060x1460.jpeg

12. At Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week runwaychan.jpg

13. And takes backstage pictures like this, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.02.26 PM.png

14. Like every appearance would start off like enhanced-27214-1445887749-3.jpg

15. And ends up like this,


16. The only 2 people in the world who could rock Mario & Luigi costume, even better looking10731436_1510530899210776_1270796826_n.jpg

17. The mere existence of this hashtagenhanced-32080-1445895974-2.png

18. When she can lift you up because you weigh the same as a 15 year old240d42b07e607f2aeec8e3839cda859b.jpg

19. And still strikes an amazing pose like who even…887e5849ef97e0c60adda9a9354046d9.jpg

20. That’s on a front page of a magazineLOVE-cover-MAIN.jpg

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