How To Create A Positive Work Environment

They say to do what you love and to love what you do. It’s so much more fun and easier to work when you’ve got awesome teammates surrounding you and helping you achieve your goal. And who doesn’t love colleagues that you can share a laugh with? We gathered some tips on how you can turn your workplace into a play space!


1. When you don’t know something, just ask.

If you don’t ask and get it done wrong, it’s just going to make you look even more silly.


2. Don’t be that downer in the office.

Because once you start being rude, everybody’s going to be rude to you and cause unnecessary tension at the office. It’s a snowball effect honey.


3. Less attention on yourself and more on work and business.

Nobody likes that self-centered person in the office who makes everything about him or her. Be understanding of other people’s needs and pay attention to what matters to your co-workers.


4. Believe in the brand.

Have faith in your company and don’t do it just for the money because it shows. Be dedicated to your job. Yes it’s not yours, but if the business grows, you grow with it too. If it fails, then you fail too.


5. Put aside your ego because this is not personal, it’s work.

There are times when your co-workers or boss says/does something that hurts your feelings. Most of the time it’s not a personal attack on you, but a criticism to help you do your job better. So accept that criticism and improve on yourself.


6. Be ready to help out all the time.

No job is underneath you. Be the jack-of-all-trades and do any job that needs to be done. Hey, you’re learning more through it! If your teammate is sick, then help out that person with their unattended job cause they’ll do the same for you when you need it.


7. When you open a bag of Cheetos, share it.

Again, sharing is caring. Don’t be that person who eats their Cheetos in a corner without sharing.


8. Don’t complain too much.

Yes, you have a hard life, but so are other people. Some people are working as hard as you, but some are working even harder than you. And this goes back to the advice above: don’t be the downer at the office.


9. Recognize that everyone is here to learn something.

So be open to learn new things too. And never be afraid to compliment others on a job well done. A good comment goes a long way in making someone else’s day and confidence.


10. Always have food in the office.

Because nobody wants to be near a hangry person. If you’re feeling angry, just binge eat on something and feel better. Stop the problem before it happens.

Here are just some things we learned from our office. How do you build a positive community around you?

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