Summer Jewelries To Pack On Your Next Vacation

Summer Jewelries To Pack On Your Next Vacation

Going on holiday, especially in the summer, has its own appeal. Apart from the fact that it's a perfect excuse for you to dress up all pretty, going away for the summer  is also the best time to take advantage of the playful summer collections brands offer the every season. You know what would get you in the mood for the skin-bearing clothing and hot days? Some summer jewelries! We're talking pearl numbers, beadedearrings, and some layered pendants - all have their own established association with the season.

From colorful statement jewelry to fine dainty little earrings and sparkling necklaces; make sure they all make you dazzle in the golden sunshine of vacay. Update your jewelry wardrobe with pieces that match the summer spirit and style perfectly. For a treasure wear on your next trip, browse and shop our summer jewelries essentials below at!


Everyday Gold/ Silver Pieces

The power of a great piece of gold/silver jewels is unparalleled. It's no brainer than they are essentials for every occasion possible, but do you know that they shine the brightest under the sun? Take the most precious hoop earrings, studs, chain-link, and cuffs bracelet in both matching and contrasting texture and mix them all together. Keep in minimal or go all the way, go with your MOTD.


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Leone Gold Earrings, Netta Gold Earrings

Baroque Cuff Bracelet, Amora Tennis BraceletGarnet Bracelet

Jemma Silver EarringsNetta Silver Earrings


Pearly Whites

Probably the quintessential of all summer jewelries; you gotta have some pearls. Be it on earrings, necklaces, or bracelets; get dressed up with an element of lustrous gem fresh out of the water. The elegance-delicate pearl will be the cherry on top of all your summer whites. They look stunning with dark-hue satin dress in the evening and equally cute in the day, even with your favorite bathing suit.


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Darcey Oval Pearl White Necklace

Kyra Pearl Necklace

Dona Pearl Silver Ring and Gold Ring, Beacon Pearl Silver Earrings and Gold Earrings


Enamel Baubles

Embrace the whimsical designs and bright colors of these enamel baubles. Start by choosing a statement ring and from that, you can go on coordinating them with like-minded huggies. With the right pop of color and splashy style, capture the true aesthetic of summer with a trend of today. The multi-colored enamels are surprisingly easy to rock and serve a lot of cool looks in return. New favorite alert.

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Enamel Rings in Multiple Colors

Enamel Huggies in Multiple Colors

Simple Huggies in Rainbow


Layered Necklace

The more, the merrier. Experiment with some layered necklace to add drama to low-neckline tops. Any look paired with a stacked of medallions, vibrant y2k choker, or seashell pendants will instantly put a fun mood for the whole season.  Combine different silhouettes, colors, and ornaments to create a new customized set every-time; something personal that only owned by you.

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Tiamo Necklace and multiple other necklaces

Lauren Dual Necklace

Happy Necklace and Dream Necklace


City breaks, weekends away, and month-long vacations; whatever you're doing, just make sure to bring some jewels that scream 'summer is here'! While some jewelries do transcend through the season, some materials are most suited for days under the sun. As much as we love to own as many blings for different outfits, it's best to pack light and bring the ones you simply can't be without. Another important thing: never forget to care for your jewelries as things sure get sweaty in the summer. Safe trip, love!

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