A Party Planner - Neutrals Cocktail and Party Dresses for All Evening Affairs

A Party Planner - Neutrals Cocktail and Party Dresses for All Evening Affairs

The party don't start 'till you walk in - with the cutest outfit of course! Any social gatherings this season are definitely calling for you to go 'extra'. With fiercely feminine party dresses and styles guaranteed to suit you, consider all of your party outfit' problems solved.

Last time we checked, our newest collection "Enchanted Soirée" has all the partywear you need and more. Get down with our beautiful pieces featuring luxe fabrics, gentle lace brocade, and the most romantic neckline you could ever imagine. All are figure-flattering highlighting various silhouettes that we just know you would love.

Below are our some of our favorites neutral pieces from the collection and how we'd like to style them for different types of party. Scroll through and let's see if we're on the same team. Even if we're not, it's totally understandable because to be honest; we wanna include everything in here if we could. Dress to the nines and be the life of the party!


A Bridal Shower Party


Dress: Hira Dress in Broken White by Love and Flair
Bags: Dahlia Bag Glistening White by Saint and Sinner
Shoes: River Heels in White by Protea


Here comes the bride-to-be, lucky you! To bring excitement to your pre-wedding shenanigans, wear the angelic white color already; but make it less formal the reception attire. All we wanted to do is to stand out amongst your girlfriends at the brunch table so people can recognize right away who's party this is, aside from the tiara and sash. In terms of style, we recommend something casual such as a sundress in easy breezy fabrics in which you can look effortlessly chic during the day. Pick the most feminine silhouette, preferably with flutter/puffed sleeves and delicate laces.


A Dinner Party

Dress: Hira Dress in Champagne by Love and Flair

Shoes: Solace Cream Black Heels by Watt

Jewelry: Brielle Gold Earrings by Saint Peter

While it's very normal to hear 'A Dinner Party' and have a cocktail dress in mind, we want to show you the versatility of this one flowy dress. Think of it this way: you're in a party where there's a lot of eating, drinking, and dancing all night long - the least that you want to do is to squeeze that after-feast belly to a skin-tight dress. With a change of color in the same silhouette and a different eye makeup, this one would be perfect for night occasions too. The satin material hugs your body the right way and the ruched detail compliments your waist by giving it a slimmer-more accentuate illusion - which is exactly what we need!


 An Afternoon Tea Party

Dress: Sunnei Dress in Broken White by Love and Flair
Shoes: Picnic Print Heels by Mon Rue
Jewelry: Seventeen White Earrings by Your Hands


Teatime, anyone? During a busy week; some chamomile, assortments of French cookies, and piping hot "tea-spill" session with our besties. Even Alice needed a little break of her own reality which led her in an escape to Wonderland to have The Mad Tea Party - and she was only 7! Usually hosted in a backyard garden or an outdoor restaurant somewhere, it's finally the perfect time to wear your Cottagecore aesthetic to the max. Choose something playful and rather short, to be able to keep up with the afternoon heat. Accessorize with some sweet sweet flowers on your hair, ears, or hands. You'll look the most dreamy in anyone's feed!


A Toga Party

Dress: Kina Dress in Grey-Sage by Love and Flair

Shoes: Cobra Knot Heels in Silver by Mon Rue

Jewelry: Raindrop Studded Earrings by Love and Flair

 Now, we know that it's fairly uncommon to have a toga party around here; but the Greek Goddess aesthetic is in a league of its own. We are so very drawn to the one-shoulder lined neckline and daring thigh-grazing split that this dress is serving. Surely we can think of one occasion of two for you to wear this look to: an exotic Mediterranean dinner date, a trip to architecturally-rich places full of bright white buildings, or you can even where this versatile dress to a wedding. 'Tie' together the look with some knot heels to give a gladiator-shoes vibe.


Everyone is literally gonna ask you 'Where'd you get that dress?' and when they do, make sure you know what you're gonna say. You are now totally ready to be the most standout guest or the loveliest hostess; whichever comes first. With dresses this spectacular, we have no doubt that you'll be able to pull it off from one party to another - no matter the dress code!



Counting down the days. Butterflies in the stomach, sparks in the eyes, rosy on the cheeks. Enliven the magical feeling of courtship that has guided you to this full-circle moment. Along comes Enchanted Soirée : a pre-wedding capsule collection that captures the real and raw emotions that you shared with your partner, the love that got you here and will take you further together.

Discover our signature silhouettes in an array of ethereal dresses that flow as the wind blows. With designs that are very personal to us and definitely worth saying yes to. Dream a little dream of a fantastic evening. It’ll all happen once upon a time. Fairytales do come true, let us take you there.

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