Absolute Romance | Q&A Session with Emily Jaury

Absolute Romance | Q&A Session with Emily Jaury

For ethereal days to celebrate, enchanting memories to make, and everlasting moments to remember forever. Those are the wishes our co-founder Emily Jaury had in mind when she fashioned the looks of her collaboration collection, Absolute Romance. Working together with 16 vendors to create over a hundred styles, each piece is created with elegance, ease, and romance at its heart. 

Here, we’re inviting you to the story behind Absolute Romance and its muse. In an intimate chat with our co-founder Emily Jaury, we talk about her collaboration collection, the behind-the-scenes stories, her view on married life, and her wishes for all the would-be brides out there. 

Emily is wearing White Lyla Dress

Hi Emily! We’re so excited to talk about your new collection, Absolute Romance. Tell us the story behind it. What are the inspirations for this collection?

For its second year, we wanted to make this collection bigger with more style selections and options. As Covid finally eases and we get more of our normal lives back, there are more events, more travel plans, and more grand celebrations. We want this collection to be a part of that celebration. 

Describe the mood of Absolute Romance in three words. 

Elegant, romantic, easy.

How does this collection differ from the previous Absolute Romance collection?

The first collection revolved around my own upcoming marriage at the time, so most of the dresses really cater to weddings. This time, I work alongside sixteen brands to make more styles that go beyond just weddings. There are many midi dresses, vest sets, high-waist tailored trousers and accessories that are also wearable for dinners, travel, and weekends. I wanted everything in the collection to be easy to wear with minimal styling, elegant, and nice to take photos with – something that I feel the first and second collection both have.

Emily is wearing Yve Navy Dress

What makes this collection so ‘Emily’? How does your personality translate to the pieces?

I love one-and-done pieces. I’m honestly not that great at styling and also too lazy to spend time to mix and match outfits, so I love wearing styles that are either a set or a dress that can stand out on its own. I feel like we got it down with the pieces in this collection and I hope that when people wear our dresses, they feel so beautiful and confident that they don’t need anything else.  

A lot of brides will be wearing this collection on the most important day of their lives. How do you want them to feel as they wear pieces from this collection?

Seeing brides taking pictures and tagging me on their pre-wedding shoots or festivities really make my day! I know it’s so hard to find the perfect dress to wear and you only get to do all the wedding checklists once so it’s a huge deal. I hope they feel absolutely beautiful in it and that romantic, fuzzy feeling they have with their partner at that moment will continue and follow them throughout their marriage.

How did the collaboration with the brands come about? Can you share with us how the creative process went?

We were always very careful in choosing the brands we work with because we want all of them to be original with their own signature style and direction. A lot of the meetings were in Zoom because we started the collaboration when Omicron was on the rise. I think it was so easy to communicate with each brand because I know what I want and what I don’t want, and the brand owners are all so talented and know the technicalities of making difficult designs so everything went smoothly. I created my moodboard and explained what the collection is like, then each brand drafted sketches or sent samples with fabric swatches, and we kept going so it’s a true collaboration.

Emily is wearing Loisa Dress in Broken White

We’re getting closer to the first anniversary of your wedding. How is adjusting to married life so far?

It’s going great. Living together took some adjustment in the beginning but everything just goes by naturally and easily. I’ve always thought I would be super sad about leaving my family home and separating from my parents, but it’s a welcoming change. It’s a full adulting moment for me.

What is the biggest difference between single life and married life?

I honestly don’t think there’s much difference until we have kids. Because I live just with my husband and we both work and have our own thing going, I still feel like I have so much freedom. We don’t restrict each other and there’s a lot of trust. So I would have to say I love married life more than single life.

Any piece of advice for the would-be brides out there?

Enjoy more and stress less. I feel like no matter what, there’s always stress revolving around such a big day like this, but try to enjoy it as much as you can.

Wedding is one day, marriage is forever. Celebrate your wedding day but also remember that you have a lifetime after to celebrate together, so don’t put too much pressure on just one day. I love my wedding but I love what comes after more.

Take as many pictures and videos as you can, so hire a great vendor! 

The content of this article has been edited for length and clarity. 

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