Astrology 101: Get to Know Your "Other" Signs

Astrology 101: Get to Know Your "Other" Signs

They say that your fate is written in the stars. Avid astrology lovers will know that one's birth chart can say a lot about their character. Maybe you've been asked about your Rising Sign or Mercury Sign? It gets confusing, we know. That's why we're here to make understanding the stars (a little) easier. Let's uncover all the magical signs and what secrets they have behind it. 

Sun Sign

Sun sign or star sign is the easiest to decode. It's the one solely based on your birth month and day, and the one you probably can pinpoint which one is yours immediately. The sun sign shows your core personality, identity, and sense of self. In simpler terms, the sun sign is your 'general personality' sign. 

As we go down the list, you might probably need an extra info: your birth time. Once you've got that down, you can find out all the other signs you have besides your sun sign. 

Moon Sign

Your moon sign reveals your 'shadow self'. It's your inner longings and emotions, the face that you keep to yourself or only to people you're comfy with.

Rising Sign

Also referred to as 'ascendant sign', your rising sign shows our 'outer personality'. It's how we present ourselves to the world, and in turn is also how our social circle perceive us.

For example, if you're a Libra Sun but your co-workers go, "I think you're more of an Aquarius though." then there's a good chance that your rising sign would be Aquarius. 

The Big Three

Your sun, moon, and rising sign is known as your 'Big Three'. The sun sign is your core self, the moon sign is your inner self, and the rising sign is your outer self. This trio is known to be the three signs that defines your overall personality. 


Thinking of delving deeper into your astrological chart? Well let me tell you something from my personal experience: it gets pretty fun to dive into your astrological chart and find out things that made a lot of sense for my personality. So, what we're going to discuss in a few is just a gist of everything birth chart-related.

Mercury Sign 

Mercury is the 'mind planet', so your Mercury sign shows you how you communicate, present your thoughts, and process information. 

Venus Sign

Venus is the 'love planet', so this one is all about amore. It's your romantic side and love language, basically. 

Mars Sign

As the planet of aggression, your Mars sign reveals how you show your anger, how you take action to reach your ambitions, and how you assert yourself. 


Now, we're going to move to the signs from the generational planets. These sign affects an entire generation (read: your friends who are born close to each other in birth years) rather than to individuals. 

Saturn Sign

Saturn is your strict and disciplined friend in astrology, so this sign sheds a light in how you handle responsibilities, your work ethic, and the boundaries you make. 

Jupiter Sign

Jupiter is the planet of fortune, so your Jupiter Sign show you where you'll be most able to thrive naturally. Cosmopolitan called it your ultimate cosmic career coach as it helps you to see where the biggest chance of success in your life is.

Uranus Sign

As a planet, Uranus is often associated with individuality and originality. This sign reflects our values and what change do we want to bring to the world. 

Neptune Sign 

Neptune is the artist of the planets. This means that your Neptune Sign reflects where your creativity lies and the fields you're most curious about. 

Pluto Sign 

This one can seem like an intimidating sibling. Pluto is the planet of endings and beginnings, death and rebirth. This sign shows our secrets and hidden agendas - things we hide from the world. 

Midheaven Sign

Now this is where it gets interesting. Your Midheaven Sign is your 'career sign' since it reveals your higher aspirations, your public life and reputation, as well as your life path. It also relates to the accomplishments we want to achieve as we live our lives. 

Black Moon Lilith Sign

This one's the unpredictable one. It's the personality of yours that's hard to express, or the one that comes out when you feel like someone is messing with your boundaries. Your Lilith is also known as your 'dark moon' as it is your instinctual inner self that is not willing to compromise your values, but that side won't show itself unless it really has to. 

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