Behind the Collection: Absolute Romance | EMILY JAURY x ELGRA

Behind the Collection: Absolute Romance | EMILY JAURY x ELGRA

Established in 2019, with a purpose to promote confidence and style without compromising on comfort, local company, Elgra Jewellry, offers high-quality fashion accessories at a fraction of the cost.

Inspired by the desire to curate a collection with the finest details and a unique- modern look, the Emily Jaury x Elgra collaboration comprises of sophisticated and versatile pieces; featuring gold and silver materials. These pieces are specially designed to cater to events of all sorts: from formal weddings, or dressed down to suit more casual events and outings.

Three must-haves from the collection?

1. ROXANNE EARRINGS - a personal favorite, the dainty cubic zircon drop and freshwater pearls! Perfect combo!

2. EMILY 2-in-1 STUD EARRINGS - an incredibly versatile design, able to be worn in two ways. Love this piece!

3. WILLAMINA EARRINGS - a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical piece, like wearing art on your ear!

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According to Elgra Jewellery, the ability to explore many designs and models with Emily was the most fun, fulfilling and rewarding part of the design process. Despite the challenges in thinking outside of the box for new and innovative designs, seeing customers wear the pieces with confidence and joy makes this process so worth it!

When asked what the ultimate 2021 bride would look like, Elgra Jewellery stated this individual would epitomize elegance and class which can be achieved with the help of their high-quality accessories, where versatility and individuality are at the forefront of all their designs. This worn in an intimate wedding with modern white setting, lots of wild flowers, and minimalistic decor makes for the perfect modern day wedding!


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