Behind the Collection: In Full Bloom | PAMELA WIRJADINATA x POSH THE LABEL

Behind the Collection: In Full Bloom | PAMELA WIRJADINATA x POSH THE LABEL

"Behind the collection" takes you to a closer look of our recent collaboration; the vision, the inspiration, the story. The segment puts our renowned designers on the spotlight and pay homage to some of the highlight-worthy numbers. With "Behind the Collection", we aspire to bring a new idea for the public eye to look into each pieces within the collection in the multitude of ways they are initially being presented; through the lens of their creator(s).

On this "Behind the Collection", we're taking on the In Full Bloom collection: Pamela Wirjadinata x Love and Flair. The head-to-toe collection marries together featured 8 most-renowned local Indonesian brands with business owner and influencer Pamela Wirjadinata serving as the muse and source of inspiration. This time, the floor is gifted to Posh the Label; a local destination for modern, elegant wardrobe; with a focus on craftsmanship that believes that every woman must believe in themselves, embrace their warm, empowering and confident side. Here's the short and sweet Q&A sesh:

How would you describe Pamela and how did her personal style impact the designs we see in this collection?

She's very aesthetic and always well-put-together. As the collection intends to be a wedding collection, pieces that can be worn for pre-wed, as an invite, more formal events; we usually go for looks with embroidered tulle, but we explore more together when collaborating with Pamela to make pieces that are modern and classic. Just like her. So, we use a lot of classic silhouettes and neutral colors combined with Posh’s signature, pleats, and print.

The colour palette in this collection is stunning! What inspires it? 

Pam’s wedding mood board contains a lot of masculine colors, so for the collection, we wanted to keep the same vibe as her wedding mood board but we made it more feminine with our selection of colors. 

Your pieces in this collection are all super cohesive and the craftsmanship looks insane! What was the creative process like and how was your experience working with Pamela for her first collaboration ever?

We worked pretty fast with the designs and tried several patterns for the print just to see what works for the collection. Overall working with Pamela has been super amazing as she pushed us to get out of our comfort zone with this collection and the result just couldn’t get any better.

What do you hope people will feel when wearing pieces from this collection?

For everyone wearing our collection, we hope our pieces make you feel even more confident and we encourage you to feel pretty in yourself when wearing it, because YOU ARE.

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