How to Care for Your Knits

How to Care for Your Knits

Taking care of your knits can be tricky. Is it safe to put in the machine wash? How to prevent it from getting mishapen? So many questions, so little time. Worry not, because we're here with the lowdown of what to do to extend the life of those sweaters and cardigans.

In this blog post, we're going to cover all the essential tips and tricks you need to know in how to take care of your knits from washing to storage, so you can make them last from season to season. The key here? Treat them with love and care.  

Washing Knits 

Like most things, dealing with knits gently is the best way to go. Hand wash your knits whenever you can, and use a mild detergent when washing them. If you really have to use the machine, choose the wool option. 

Don't twist your knits when washing them. This will cause them to mishape and sadly, that isn't a reversible mistake. 

Avoid machine dryers as it can damage your knits, and hang them to dry. A tip often mentioned on the internet is to use towels to absorb the water from the freshly washed garments, and lay them flat to dry. 

You don't need to iron knits, by the way. Steaming them is the best method if you want to smoothen them out. 

Storing Knits 

Keeping your knits right can make sure that they can be worn for a longer time. Store your knits by folding them and putting them in a drawer or shelf. Don't hang them on hangers, since this can cause the knits to distort its shape. Having them neatly folded and all-organized doesn't just look satisfying, but also makes your knitted styles last even longer.

Tip: store your knits together and avoid piling them with your other garments that might get stuck to the knit. 

Now that you have learned the tips to love those knits even more, don't forget to shop everyday knits from our collection right here!

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