How to (Lovingly) Take Care of Your Lingerie

How to (Lovingly) Take Care of Your Lingerie

Intimate love. We know you love our collection of bras and underwear for, and we’re here today to show you how to make them last. The key here is to properly wash and care for them. They’re called delicates for a reason; you need to treat them delicately too. Your intimates are always there to support you in your daily days, so a lot of care from you will go a long way. 

Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Right Way to Wash 

First things first: separate light color and dark colored lingerie, like you would when you do your daily laundry. Don’t use hot water to wash your lingerie, they can damage the elastic or even cause shrinking. Always opt for cold or room temperature water. For the soap, you can either opt for a natural liquid soap that you use on your hands or body, or a gentle liquid detergent. Choose one with a scent that you like - it makes a big difference, we promise. 

Handwash is the most ideal method to clean your bras and undies, especially for lace and silk underwear as well as bras with wires, lace, and rhinestones. Soak it in lukewarm water with soap, and remember to not be too harsh as you wash them. Don’t twist or squeeze. If you are really running short in time and need to wash it quickly, make sure that you have a laundry bag in hand at home. Toss your lingerie inside it, and put it in the machine wash in a gentle cycle. This will make sure that your lingerie won’t transfer to your other garments, or get straps tangled all over. And finally, air dry your lingerie. No. Don’t put in the machine dryer. It will damage your delicates and you don’t want that to happen, right?

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Sounds overwhelming? We’re breaking it down for you in this cheat sheet:

  • Soap: You can use natural liquid soap or liquid detergent.
  • Water: Always use cold water. Your lingerie hates hot water. 
  • Wash: Hand wash whenever possible. Use laundry bags and a gentle cycle if you have to use a machine.
  • Dry: Always air dry and NEVER machine dry.

Importance of Storage

If you’re guilty of hanging your bra on the doorknob or leaving it just like that on the bed, well we can definitely say that you’re not alone in that matter. However, is it the right way? Not exactly. The way you store your intimates can make a big difference in extending their lifespan. So, let your inner Marie Kondo out and get organized. 

The best way to store your bra is to store them flat, preferably in a cup-to-cup position. Don’t fold them as they will damage the bras. For underwear, it’s also best to put them nice and flat for the best shape retention. For extra love, put them in lingerie boxes and dividers. You can also organise them based on colors like nudes, blacks, whites, and neon colors if you want to be super-organized. 

Remember, treat your lingerie like relationships. The better you care for them, the longer they will last. 


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