How to Wear Black This Summer

How to Wear Black This Summer

The color black knows no bounds. When hearing the word "summer", what's the first fashion moment that pops into your mind? Is it the light linen, or the breezy silhouettes, or maybe, the popsicle colored-tops to match your ultra girly beverages? As we move to a warmer time in the year, everyone tend to opt for a brighter-more colorful hues for something to wear. While it make sense to do so, some of us still feel tempted to go back to black. We feel you.

Black is the new black and it never cracks even in the hottest summer season. Beat the heat with the boldest shade ever existed. Embrace this fool-proof and innately cool vibes that come with wearing the color all year round. Heed to our styling tips below on how to rock your favorite black outfit this summer. 


Dress it up

Dresses are the easiest and safest option, especially ones with silhouettes that move effortlessly to let a little bit of the breeze in. After all, we still want to stay fresh, airy, and comfortable all day long. So, say yes to black dresses - as they can take you from a scorching day to a steamy summer night with ease.

Source: Kenny Dress in BlackEmilia Dress in BlackClaudio Dress in Black


Show some skin

Summer is the perfect excuse to show your best assets, so do exactly that! A high slit, spaghetti straps, deep V-neckline...are all fine as long as you feel confident. The color black holds undeniable power and sultry appeal. Make sure that heat that any figure-fitting ensembles trapped are complimented by a peekaboo cutout somewhere.

Source: Mathisse Bodysuit in Black, Bruna Bodysuit in Grey, Bruna Bodysuit in Black


Sunglasses hour

All of the classic sunglasses are black. That's just fact. When it comes to frame shapes and sizes, it's personal to each of their own. However, for a polished black outfit, we do encourage you to go for the basics. Pair your coolest shades with the 'literal' coolest shade of black - strut through summer like nobody's business. 

Source: Miami Sunglasses in BWVenice Sunglasses in BlackMiami Sunglasses in Black


Accessorize for the season

Soften up your looks with natural materials such as straw, raw canvas, or rattan. Black will become instantly summery and drenched with a safari touch. So it might be a good thing to have your canvas tote bag, leather flat strappy sandals, and espadrilles handy. 

Source: Sara Copper HeelsNarha Petit in Classic Tan, Basalt Sandal in Brown


Back is back on. Correction: it never left in the first place. The color truly has it own mysterious ways to sneak on your closet for the summer. You can always follow these tips to wear black from night to day and avoid feeling overheating. When worn correctly, black can be great to your advantage - no matter the temperature.

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