Meet the Muse | Amevia Adhila Putri for Eternal Love

Meet the Muse | Amevia Adhila Putri for Eternal Love

Content creator, model, business owner; Amevia Adhila Putri loves to experiment with fashion. She is the life of the party; a confident girl who embraces her true self and outspokenly encourage every woman to do the same. Amevia is a standout in everything she does. 

A closer look into her personal life, she is also a newlywed. She just got married to her now husband in November 2021. The engagement was such a beautiful moment that she also shared intimately with us. Other than that, her relationship with us goes way back as she has been wearing our pieces for years!

Eternal Love is strongly influenced by how she celebrated her happiest days in her own fun way. Teaming up with us, she showcases 11 curated sultry outfits: mix and match interchangeable two-pieces, rich satin slip dresses, of course looks that show some skin. Each with the same luxe design and glamour that we adore for Amevia.

When asked to describe her personal style, Amevia had 2 words in her mind: sexy and edgy. Those exact words are ones that we would use to describe her style as well. She added; "That is why most of the designs in Eternal Love is either backless or it has high slit or a cutout. However, you can wear them many times and style them in many ways." For Amevia, the design process for this capsule collection are one of the fastest ones she has ever experienced. The biggest challenge would probably on how to make sure that all women out there can wear this collection - keeping the beautifully diverse body types and shapes in mind.

Amevia is someone who loves to get things done without lacking details. She managed to plan her wedding such a short time - 2 months to be exact, which comes as such a power move to us. However, Amevia explained how much she loved the whole wedding-planning process; despite the inevitable stress of being a bride-to-be that follows."I got to meet some incredible people who did my makeup, my dress, my decorations, and everyone who supported me and my husband!" And so, she counted herself as a blessed one.

In her own words, the best advice to all future brides is to know yourself first. She believes that picking the wedding dress is an essential first step to determine the theme of the wedding, then the rest shall fall into places. Focusing on yourself instead of the technical is the key to feeling your best on the big day. "Make sure that you have enough sleep before D-day, drink lots of water, and eat! From that, all you got to do is to let everything happen and live in the moment. Enjoy every minute of your special day."



Amevia Adhila Putri and Love and Flair present, Eternal Love: a wedding capsule collection that brings up the theme of passionate love, retro styling, and unconventional weddings.Within the collection are pieces designed specifically to cater to a series of romantic occasions; private wedding reception, epic after-party, and saucy honeymoon getaway. Eternal Love was meant to stand the test of time by setting out to provide the element of fun, but also romantic, special, and above all else - thrilled for what's ahead. For a love that never dies, a flame that never fades.

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