Meet the Muse | Amevia Adhila Putri for Song of Summer

Meet the Muse | Amevia Adhila Putri for Song of Summer

It’s hot girl summer! We’re seeing more of our OG Hot Girl, Amevia Adhila Putri now through rose-tinted glasses and champagne-dreams lenses. The first inklings of summer are in the air and we are here to celebrate a sweet escape in the sun-soaked season, imagined by our favorite bombshell. Our last collaboration with her, "Eternal Love" was such a hit - she knew she had to come back for more. Tbh, we missed her already!


She expressed with such enthusiasm how excited she was for another go. Since "Eternal Love" was only a capsule collection, Amevia wanted to explore more and go bigger this time. Head-to-toe summer essentials all in one collection; footwear, eyewear, jewelries, and even beach attire -  bringing 5 other local brands that she genuinely loves.

"Aside from the fact that I love working with Love and Flair, I think it’s so nice to be able to do this again, creating beautiful things. This collaboration is much bigger because it's not only between me and Love and Flair, but also involving 5 other brands that I love."


This one unforgettable summer, Amevia had just the right thing in mind. Joined forces with Love and Flair and 5 other local brands, here's introducing the first drop of a Resortwear Collection: Song of Summer with Amevia. A whole new range of vacation-inspired outfits in her signature styles: groovy, sultry, with a little touch of bohemian this time. The big question is 'Why summer?' and to that she said 'revenge travel'. Make perfect sense, Amevia; we're fully on board.

"I mean, we're all have been waiting for this moment, right? To be able to travel across. This is the first time we get to actually enjoy the summer and of course, who doesn't want to look good and wear nice outfits in the summer? So this collection is kind of a form of celebration to that."


Looking back to the "Eternal Love" Collection, one might also wonder what's the big difference between the fashion pieces between the two collections - other than the theme brought up. According to Amevia, bright color is the vital point that will completely set 'Song of Summer' apart from her previous wedding capsule collection.

"Expect lots of design varieties from bikini, mini dress, set, and maxi dress. We're also gonna have footwear and eyewear too! Take this collection as a one-stop shop for all your summer looks!"


Amevia recalled that her best summer memory was definitely the time when she was in Bali last month with her forever +1, Roy Leonard. In general, she loves to spend an intimate, relaxing time with her loved ones.

"It’s just me and my husband. Super chill, super intimate. We spent 5 days just chilling by the beach, eating at locals, had a massage and spent time with our family in Bali (yup, I wore the clothes from our collection the whole time 😘)"



As the ultimate island girl, we had to be all nosy and asked for her summer essentials. Her holy grail items are sunscreen, tanning oil, bikini, and water. She gently reminded everyone to always stay hydrated to beat the heat.

"When I think of the word "summer", 3 things come in mind: beach, sunglasses, flowy dress!"



A hymn for the summer, the anthemic melody of Song of Summer seeps into every corner of the season; from block parties to mall trips to late-night drives. You can create looks that would tick every single item on your summer bucket list such as: festivals, dream cruises, bikini beach parties, and ocean-side weddings.

"From this collection, I want everyone to feel sexy and summer ready. Look all luxurious, chic and pretty! Imagine you have the choices for every summer occasion all in one collection! From chilling by the beach, enjoying a yacht party, or even spending the summer in the city, to attending a summer wedding - we have it all! 





Kept within bonds, Song of Summer is making waves with some fluid silhouettes and splashing colors. A deep dive to another side of Amevia’s style in a more buoyant nuance for the summertime. Popsicle colored tops and electric hue dresses are what this season is all about. Wanna be cool for the summer? Choose relaxing A-line midi dresses to let the ocean breeze keep your mind at ease.

Song of Summer is a testament to the zest of planning trips ahead to make up for the lost time. It’s finally the time to look good and live your best life - from dusk 'till dawn, from sunrise to sunset.

For the beach and beyond, endless days in paradise.

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