Meet the Muse | Caroline Robianto Kosasih @sergeantkero for Rivers of Love

Meet the Muse | Caroline Robianto Kosasih @sergeantkero for Rivers of Love

Caroline Robianto Kosasih, who goes by the nickname @sergeantkero has always been an open book about many milestones in her life. She is known to be one of the long-time content creators who’s not afraid to candidly share her personal life journey and helpful tips to her online audience.


To pick up where we left off, the last time we saw her was on ‘Crazy in Love Collaboration’ during the time when she was about to tie the knot with the love of her life. Fast forward to today, we’re happy to get another chance to collaborate with her with a similar intimate theme as she enters a new stage of life, Motherhood.


Being a mom to a wonderful 13-months baby boy is a life-changing passion of hers. Nowadays, she often tells vital stories of her own motherhood journey on Instagram; not only the good part, but also the struggle that comes with it.

"Motherhood for me is a point of no return; no exchange, no refund. It’s something that comes with a package, in which one must continue on doing. Even though it's very tiring, it's also very rewarding - it makes me feel so happy. The ‘bad’ is that there’s always gonna be sacrifices that you have to make.."

It’s rather refreshing watching @sergeantkero blossoms to an honorable newfound calling as a mother. Motherhood looks good on her, she is glowing in such a ray that attracts happiness and joy all around.


Knowing @sergeantkero, her career life is far from being neglected. Her packed working schedule is only going to make her motherhood journey much more special and rewarding. Juggling between her Marketing agency ‘Ketika Creative’; fashion label ‘Kerokoo’; and being a full-time mom; we love to praise @sergeantkero on her impeccable time management. Even with so many things going on with her calendars, family always comes first to her.


Spending some quality time with River, her cheeky boy; is her number one priority. Everywhere she goes, River often goes with her. @sergeantkero wears the term ‘working moms’ in content without missing a beat of her son’s growth.

"I basically play a lot with him. I don’t have a nanny so I’m very happy that I got to spend a lot of time with my River."

She holds many titles; but at the end of the day, she ultimately is one thing: a mother - and what every mother wants is just to give the best for her kid(s).


That sentiment brings us to the essence of Rivers of Love, which is to highlight the beauty of a woman in general, the strength it took to carry a role as noble as being a mother. 

"I want girls and women altogether, whether you’re a mom or not; to be able to wear any pieces in this collection as much as possible. All things classic yet super stylish to add to the all-time staple in your wardrobe."

Going through a lot of drastic changes, @sergeantkero still reminds us of the side of her that we adore with her playful curiosity and her go-to style; minimal, effortlessly modern.

"After giving birth to River, I realized that I couldn’t really dress the way I used to; at least in terms of style. Moreover, there’s a lot of current fashion trends that I’d like to try but are hesitant to because I feel that my body has changed a lot after the baby."

While in the mommy mode, @sergeantkero loves to embrace comfortable garments with subtle optionality for adjustment that aims for long wearability and style.


Tiny piece of advice from @sergeantkero to fellow moms of little kids, is for them to always remember that they're doing the best.

"You’re the best mom for your kids. Don’t listen too much to other people’ opinions, you know what’s best for them. Don’t forget to love yourself!"

She also reminds us the importance of taking breaks, to take things day by day. All moms deserve the gift of a time-off; a nice-warm break every once in a while to treat yourself. 


We're with you moms. Keep on shining a light and open up the path for our little humans of the world. In the meantime, enjoy this collection as our biggest love confession and appreciation to all of you.



In celebration of International Mother’s Day and to honor the moms in our lives everyday, Love and Flair and @sergeantkero present: Rivers of Love. Collaborating alongside 9 other women & kids brands, the collection paints Caroline Robianto Kosasih as the sole muse: full time mompreneur and content creator. Rivers of Love is deeply inspired and dedicated to @sergeantkero’s son: River; the center of her life - her pride and joy. The name is also a metaphor for a mothers’ love for her kids, like a river flowing in a never-ending stream.

The soul of the collection loves to celebrate all mothers and mothers figures of today; traditional, non-traditional, and beyond. Rivers of Love also wants to highlight the maternal bond between you and your kids and every precious little moment that you’ll get to spend together; every moment counts. The beauty lies in the lifelong journey.


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