Meet the Muse | Pamela Wirjadinata for In Full Bloom

Meet the Muse | Pamela Wirjadinata for In Full Bloom

A passionate business owner, a woman in love, and a humble heart; all in one woman, Pamela Wirjadinata. She started Posh the Label in 2016, an exquisite local fashion brand with her signature modest aesthetic, serving contemporary elegance for every woman. The idea is to help women to feel confident, embraces their warm self, and to able to see their value as well as they dress themselves. With that same vision, Pamela also currently acts as a Co-Founder of Syca; a local beauty brand and community focusing on every woman's natural beauty they were born with.

There is no doubt in our mind that managing multiple businesses as a female entrepreneur is hard. Even Pamela herself agree. "Honestly, it's hard. Moreover, I am also getting older which means more responsibilities and priorities." Her best tip to achieve a work-life balance is to use your time wisely. In saying that, she also believes that the key lies on living life to the fullest and remembering the importance of learning and growing.  

With Love and Flair in In Full Bloom, Pamela wanted to create a collection with pieces that are mainly dresses; which could not only be worn to formal events like weddings and parties, but can also be dressed down for a more casual look. "I really love to dress up, so I even wear a lot of dresses during the week (whether that be for work or a nice weekend day out with friends). In other words, I really wanted my collection to have and include pieces that could be worn for any occasion". 

The collection is full of fantasy floral pieces as per Pamela' accent of feminine touch. "All those flower patterns are not only super exciting to see, but in my opinion, is perfect for this coming wedding season".

In a bigger picture, her vision with this collection to encourage women to feel good, elegant, classy for your special moment in life. "In these times, it’s a rarity to be able to get together or catch up with friends at events. So when there’s any opportunity to do so, make sure to put the effort to dressing up and celebrating the little things in life with the people you love most", she uttered.

When we interviewed Pamela, she was in a middle of planning her intimate wedding. She was glowing with a ray of happiness and kindly gave us a wedding planning hack that works for her so far. "Fully trust your vendors" she said thoughtfully. "In the end, if you’ve already picked and hired a vendor, you just have to believe that things will get done one way or another". Now she is happily married and in fact, just got back from her honeymoon in Finland.


Feel the subdued Asian nuance deeply immersed and discover an immaculate - more serene, special occasion essential. In Full Bloom is an ode to love being a genuine connection, a gentle kindness, inner peace, and contentment. The very image of romance captured in a woman’s most prized possession, her modesty. A classic wedding collection that offers you the right balance of coverage, grace, and exquisite taste. Just like a flower, beautiful to behold.

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