Our S/S 2023 Fashion Week Recap, Part Two

Our S/S 2023 Fashion Week Recap, Part Two

We're back with another review from Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week! In the previous blog post, we had covered our favorite presentations from New York and London Fashion Week, and now it's time for Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week segment. Keep scrolling to see our fave collections from Big 4 fashion cities. 


This Gucci presentation is so unique because it's being presented by a cast that consists of only twin models, inspired by Creative Director Alessandro Michele's mother and her twin sister. The themes that Michele puts forward this time are reflection, self-expression, and duality. Through flamboyant, glamorous, and theatrical looks, Gucci expertly shows that even if you wear the same outfits and look the same from the outside, your inner individuality will shine through no matter what. 


“I have always loved a rebel, a woman who is confident, smart, and a little bit of a diva,” said Donatella Versace in a press statement introducing the collection. True to that statement, the Versace Spring/Summer 2023 offering had all the traits she mentioned earlier. Think mini purple dresses with matching purple veils for an edgy bride, fringed motorcycle jackets, liquid-like hooded dresses, and tiny party dresses that looked like they came out of your favorite early 2000s rom-com movies. Closing off the show is Paris Hilton herself, sporting an all-pink look that Barbie herself would envy. 


In massive contrast from all the pink offerings in the last Valentino Ready-to-Wear show, the house's Spring/Summer 2023 collection was dominated with darker neutral hues with a pop of sapphire blue, emerald green, and Valentino red. In fact, the opening look of the show was a beige caped look covered entirely with the Valentino monogram, all the way to the model's face (Courtesy of makeup genius Pat McGrath). Titled 'Unboxing', the idea behind the collection is about "unboxing shapes and silhouettes, the contours of the wearer." From there, Pierpaolo Piccioli presented looks that are minimal, precise, and refined. He showed us that you can make a powerful statement even in an understated manner.  


Serving as the key inspiration for the Chanel Spring/Summer 2023 show is the French New Wave film 'Last Year in Marienbad' (1961) by Alain Resnais. Coco Chanel herself worked on the costumes for the herone of the movie, so this reference is very much appropriate to make. In this collection, Virginie Viard once again focused on the freedom of movement and expression with creations that are light, modern, and well-crafted. What we love a lot about this presentation is how Chanel showcased the beauty of all types of female bodies through an inclusive cast of models.

One quote from Viard stood out in particular when she was asked about how she's staying hopeful for the future: "It's no longer important to know who you are or what you want. It's important to burn down your very best yesterday, every day, so you can start again." From fire to rebirth. Now that's how you define hope.

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