Red & White Outfit Inspo for Indonesian Independence Day

Red & White Outfit Inspo for Indonesian Independence Day

Red for courage and white for purity. Those are the words firmly engraved to our beings as an Indonesian. We carry the meaning of those colors as we live our lives as part of the nation, and to honor the independence that was granted to us by those who came before us. 

This 17th of August, we will be celebrating the 77th anniversary of our nation's Independence. During our school days, we usually gather at the field in the morning to conduct a flag ceremony together in our uniforms. Afterwards, it's time for games! Our competitive spirit comes out on all kinds of sports and arts contests. The costume of the day? A choice between red, white, or a combination of both. 

Maybe these days we don't really celebrate Independence Day the way we did back when we were at school, but we can still honor the day with different ways. One of them is by wearing our national colors, red and white. Read on to see inspirations on how to wear red and white for the 17th of August. 

Bravely Red

Red is a color that favors the bold. It screams, "You want to look at me." or "The queen has arrived." The color is synonymous with strength, passion, energy. If you want to make a statement, then red is the color you choose. Check out our red-hued faves from the Love and Flair website right here. 

Pictured: Nouvelle Dress in Maroon, Claudio Dress in Red

Purely White

Nothing says chic more than an all-white ensemble. The aesthetic is clean, and the effect is elegant. White is never wrong, really. However, if you want to avoid looking 'basic' in white, then these 'classics with a twist' pieces are the ones for you. 

Pictured: Arctic Dress in Pearl White, Elena Shirtdress White

Red and White Pairing

When these two contrasts meet, it's a powerful look. The intensity of the red compliments so beautifully with the delicate white. It's a perfect balance! Take a look at these red and white pairings for an Independence Day brunch outfit inspiration. 

Pictured: Sellesia Dress, Goya Dress in Red

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