Slow Living 101

Slow Living 101

by Madelaine Angelina

In a world where everything is instant and fast-paced, we all can feel a little overwhelmed sometimes. The culture is to hustle, to always be ahead of trends, and to be ultra productive all the time. But how much of it is just too much? 

Let’s be real here, being FOMO all the time will also inevitably cause stress in our lives. Constantly living life in the fast lane can get tiring, both physically and mentally. At one point, all the stress can pile up and lead to a major burnout. Because of that, many of us have realised that to really enjoy life to its fullest, we have to take things slower and do the Slow Living approach to our lives.

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What is Slow Living, actually? Slow Living is taking a slower approach on how we live our daily lives. It means enjoying the little moments, not feeling guilty when we take a much-needed rest, and being more mindful with the activities we spend our time on. It doesn’t mean that we become lazy, but we learn to do things at our own pace and let go of the things and thoughts that aren’t doing us any good. It means living better, not faster. 

Some of the benefits of a Slow Living lifestyle include less stress, better mental health, a happier life, and the ability to manage your time better. Yes, by taking things more slowly and mindfully, you can actually make sure that the precious time you have goes to the things that really matter, therefore making you more productive (and happy) in the long run!

Intrigued to take it slower? Read on to find out the many ways you can integrate Slow Living principles in your lifestyle.

Stop Rushing

Rule number one of the Slow Living approach is to stop trying to be fast at everything. Instead, focus on the things that are in front of you first so you can put out your best work there. Finish your to-do list one by one without hurrying yourself. 

Prioritise What Matters

Slow Living means that you spend your time on only the important things in your life. Don’t be afraid to say no to the things that you don’t enjoy and are not in your priority list. Invest your time in what really matters, like moments with friends or family. 


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Appreciate Rest Time 

We all need some rest once in a while, so don’t guilt-trip yourself when you have one. Recharging your energy is important, and your time to rest should be something you enjoy. Use this time to do things that make you feel happy and relaxed. 

Digital Detox

Every one of us needs some offline time. Switch your gadgets off, sign out from your social media accounts, and enjoy activities that don't involve your phone or laptop. Do some cooking, take a walk, or learn a new hobby! 

Nature’s Calling

One of the elements of the slow living approach is to have a deeper appreciation of nature. Enjoy the best of what nature can give and be more mindful of the environment with our lifestyle. 

Mindful Eating 

What we consume for our body is also important. In a Slow Living lifestyle, we can opt for better, healthier food such as homemade food or menus with a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Be Grateful

Last but not least, be grateful for the little things. Try not to compare yourself with the others, but look back and what you yourself have achieved and be grateful for it. Be grateful for little moments, because each of them is meaningful. 

So, are you ready to embrace the slow living lifestyle?

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