The Many Shades of Summer: Crucial for Blocking Out the Sun (and Haters)

The Many Shades of Summer: Crucial for Blocking Out the Sun (and Haters)

Get ready for the sunniest season yet, a prime time for sunglasses. The intense sun rays can be harmful to both your eyes and skin, so you better come prepared. For that summer 20/20 vision, you're gonna be needing a good pair (or two) to ensure that your eyes are protected in style.

As for the options, they are always something to suit everyone. The trends are versatile and fast-moving, from classic aviators, to thick vintage statement, all the way to sunset-colored lenses. We'd like to keep a sunglasses wardrobe with different lenses, frames, and shapes for different occasions, please!

In the perfect world, every pair of cute sunnies would be totally affordable - but sometimes that's not the case. Hence, when it comes down to it, a pair of inexpensive trendy one is in order every summertime. But let's be honest here, all of our recommendations below will frame your fantastic looks all season long.

Below are the perfect pairs from Vema Studios that'll fit every single of your personality archetype. Go from basic to stylish in no time.


Source: Miami Sunglasses (in Black and Sunset)
Chunky yet Funky

Oversized sunnies are and will always be "in". Consider this nice big pair that covers half of your face; in the best way possible of course. With classically designed-styled square frame, these feel very timeless to us. The bigger the lens, the better. All black or gradient-brown combo, your call. 


Source: Havana Sunglasses (in Olive Green and Yellow Mustard)
Kitty-cat Energy
Sassy cat eye spectacles in some fresh citrus colored frames will flatter any face shape in an instant. A very distinct style that'll give you an intentional lift for an extra wow factor. Wear a simple tank top, shorts, and sandals to the beach; top off with these neon numbers (green or yellow) - all eyes on you.
Source: Cairo Sunglasses (in Espresso and Latte) 
Be There, Be Square
Rectangle frames straight outta the vintage 90s era are speaking to us on another level. If you're in the mood for something slimmer to show off your cheek bones and make your highlight pop under the sun, some brown lens-thick temples could be your gals. They go with everything, and we mean everything.
Source: Venice Sunglasses (in Pink and Purple)
Power Pastels 
Go for the eye-catching color for a real statement wear. They're seriously cool, youthful, and full of confidence. The milky opaque frames create some great contrast with the purple-transparent lenses. Plus, we love how angular they are; straight up chic, too cute to pass this season.


Sunglasses are FUNDAMENTAL. There's no better way to wear these babies other than with some warm weather outfits. Get in the shades and enjoy the attainable, stress-free, optically-pleasing days while they last. Your bank account will thank you.

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