What Your Favorite Jeans Actually Say About Your Personality

What Your Favorite Jeans Actually Say About Your Personality

Jeans has always been the perfect blank canvas to express your personal style. Comfortable and trendy, there's no doubt that they're loved by all. With endless possibilities of styling; jeans are available in different cuts, silhouettes, and fits. From skinny jeans to flared ones, mom jeans to boyfriend ones - and we haven't even gone to the color yet, let alone, prints! Everyone has their go-to silhouette that they make their own.

Well, we're curious to know what's yours! In exchange, we're gonna spill some beans on what these jeans have to say about you. Scroll down to find out your jeans personality.


Gigi Hadid in high-waisted skinny jeans.
The Skinny
The most popular jeans out there, they're usually skin-tight and stretchy very much like leggings. If your favorite jeans are the skinny, you are practical and always on the go. For you, comfort always comes first and we agree girl! You have a subtle sensibility in you that often makes us wonder: how does she do that? We could find you running errands around town or strolling down the nearest shopping centre.
Megan Fox in acid washed boyfriend jeans.
The Boyfriend
Slouchy while still maintaining a hint on chic. Contrary to the first thing in mind based on the name, the boyfriend jeans lovers are independent, strong, and carefree. You wear the pants in any relationship you're in and honestly, we love that for you! Whether it's the classic, ripped, or distressed; you're someone who likes to take it easy and lay low. We could easily spot you rocking this on the streets while getting your daily dose of caffeine.
Kourtney Kardashian in white mom jeans.
The Mom
If there's one thing that you can steal from your mom's closet back in the 70s-80s, it would probably be a pair of these jeans. Some people don't get the appeal of these bad boys and that's easily their loss. You; on the other hand, are laid-back, trustworthy, and a little quirky. With tapered legs and tend to be more high-waisted compared to the boyfriend ones, this the ultimate hipster jeans. You're be wearing this often while shopping at the farmers market or curling up with your favorite podcast.
Vanessa Hudgens in frayed hem flare jeans.
The Flare
Here comes the social butterfly. Yeah, you! You're certainly outgoing, lively, and not afraid to stand out. You are probably a big fan of the retro trend and have a few vintage items in your closet to pair these with. The flare silhouette often has a snug fit and very slimming, teamed up well with a pair of ankle boots or heels. It's not hard to find you near the beach where most of the crowds are or jamming out in a summer festival. 
Margot Robbie in high-waisted wide leg jeans.
The Wide-Leg
Cut wide throughout the leg ever so fabulously, anyone who loves to wear this is probably the fashionista in the group. You're edgy, fun, and have an artistic side that shines through. It takes a lot of risk to pull off such a bold, A-line shape unless you've come prepared with a particular strategy - balancing the proportion with a fitted crop top. You love to relish in the extra legroom walking around the museum and best cafes in the neighbourhood.


Do these ring any bells? Not all jeans are made equal. Regardless of which types is your favorite, it's safe to say that we're all a little bit of everything. So the next time you're out shopping for some new jeans; just focus on the ones that fits perfectly on your body. Make sure that they're comfortable and do your curve justice.

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