Your Guide to An Elevated Office Style

Your Guide to An Elevated Office Style

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living. As anyone who works in an office knows, it's quite challenging to find new things to wear everyday. Most of the time, we don't even have the time to put together a look in the morning; rushing to meetings and deadlines is far more important. What's wrong with looking a little lazy on a Thursday? Nobody cares, right? But before you know it, one day turns into a week, and weeks turn into months - you've neglected your outfits way too much and lost all the enthusiasm to get dressed up in the morning.

Remember the WFH days? Oh, how we missed those days. It might seem really boring in the beginning - the tedious sameness of sitting in front of your laptop in your own space day in day out; no interaction. But look at the bright side, you can be dressed in anything that you want - mostly comfortable go-tos. Going from casual to formal for a zoom meeting was only half a hassle; a top half to be exact.

We have gathered some fashion key element to nail the everyday 'minimalist yet elevated' look so you can look stylish from Monday to Friday and beyond. Mixing classics, trend essentials, and ultra-modern silhouette to make an outfit that do all the work for you!


Pretty pleats

They're modest, classic, and even more crucial, downright comfortable! The easy breezy cooling material is an easy win in our cards, especially since they'll welcome Mondays with open arms. Another way to get the effortless minimal look is by opting for a set, but make it pleats. Mix and match the top and bottom with non-pleats and you got yourself a-week-worth of outfit, no big deal.

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Extra legroom

Wide-legged or A-line silhouettes should be on the list for any office wardrobe. Both of the have an edge on legroom, something you would need to cope with sitting for long hours in your cubicle. The wide-legged pants are still professional  - it's just that they are a little bit more stylish than traditional trousers. A-line dresses show your fashionable femininity while keeping it "meeting-ready."


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Blazer babes

For a more serious business look, go with anything blazer. Not to mistake 'serious' with 'boring' since this one is versatile on every aspect. You can dress it up, dress it down, belt it, wear it with or without an inner teamed up with any bottoms imaginable - the choices are unlimited! Plain or prints, cropped or oversized, pick your favorite!

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White-collar aesthetic

With a universally acceptable white shirt, what can go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Layer this underneath a statement blazer or on top of a white tank top - there's no losing here. Find your own signature white shirt, maybe you prefer something more basic or you wanna have fun a bit with some fun cutout for after-hour drinks. It just doesn't get any more classic that this.

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Keeping up with the hustle culture can be draining. One thing that can take up the stress and pressure you're on is to dress good, feel good. Dare we say, dressing up in the morning also holds a key to productivity too! Routines are vital to keep you energized and ready to take on what the day has to offer.

These simple fashion elements will make you feel great everyday of the week - whether you're working from home or the office. So, wake up early, get dressed, and start every morning with the right mindset. It's gonna be a good day!  ☀️


Signing off, thank you for reading through my thoughts and opinions about  all things that light the spark in me. Fashion is meant to be fun for everyone, no exception x

Keep it real - T 💘

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