Why is there a missing item(s) in my package?
There are several reasons why you could have a missing item, the reasons are usually stated in the product description.

The item will be shipped separately, and for these reasons:
  1. Your item is a drop-ship item, and will be shipped separately and directly by the vendor.
  2. Your item is a pre-order item, and will shipped separately later on when it is ready.
  3. Your item is a store-exclusive item, and will be shipped directly from the store.
There should be a slip in your package that indicates what is missing how long it will take for the item to ship. Our customer service team will also reach out to you via either Whatsapp or email to provide you with more detailed information about your item. You can also email us with email titled:"MISSING ITEM: ORDER NUMBER XXXXXXXXX". Please let us know your order number. We will assist you as much as we can.